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Anyone using just a Palm (no desktop app)

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  • Anyone using just a Palm (no desktop app)

    Is anyone using just a Palm handheld to manage projects and next actions - no Outlook - no Palm Desktop, etc?

    I've been considering doing this (sick of Outlook and want to feel less deskbound) and wonder if anyone could share their experience in how they handle input - project management - email - and any third party apps they use that are helpful.


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    You can definetly use palm only, I'm using my palm mainly, and the computer to install software or to backup.

    The only thing that you might find it hard, is to input long text, but if you have access to a computer (keyboard) and use Palm Desktop, that would solve that problem.

    I use DataBk5 (much better than the built in DateBook), and ShadowPlan (just bought it, so can't comment on that).

    Good luck


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      I use Agendus on the Palm

      I am using the Agendus for Palm and find it invaluable. It does my calendar, to-do, email and contact lists all through a single interface. It also has a PC desktop application that can be use alone or to sync with Outlook. Here si the site:

      Chris Woodruff