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Notetaker wallet VS PDA/smartphone

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  • Notetaker wallet VS PDA/smartphone

    For those of you with a notetaker wallet, do you still use it for capture even if you have PDA or smartphone. I am wondering if this is a superior method for capturing or if it would be redundant.


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    Yes - I have the wallet and a BlackBerry. Sometimes it's just quicker to scribble a note than to 1) type my password into the BB, 2) find the notes application and 3) write something with predictive text. When you're in the middle of a conversation it's much less intrusive and (I find) requires less thought (and hence less distraction from the conversation).

    Plus, of course, I don't always have my phone with me (heresy these days, I'm sure).

    The wallet isn't necessarily superior, but it is in some circumstances. And it might be redundant, at times. The point is that I can be pretty sure I have 'ubiquitous capture'.



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      Thanks Mark,
      I think there is still something nice about capturing on paper.


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        I too have both a Notetaker Wallet and a BB. My preference is always to use the Notetaker Wallet for many of the reasons that Baylo has mentioned.



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          I most often use my NT wallet to capture on the fly. It's quicker and less obtrusive when I'm interacting with people. Oh, and it's a cool tool!
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            Paper fpr Capture

            I am in the same boat. The note take wallet is best for capturing ideas and such on the fly. To me the role of the BB is being able to look at those ideas/actions - once they have been processed into your system. Paper is fast.


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              My NoteTaker replaced my PDA

              I capture everything to my wallet. The only things I type on my PDA are calendar items. New contact information, I write in the wallet. It's just quicker.