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Sorry, but I still can't figure out which device to use!?

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  • Sorry, but I still can't figure out which device to use!?

    I know I have been posting on threads here and even starting new threads about different PIM software and devices and I thought I had it, but I am afraid I still don't.

    here's the deal:

    1) I need reliable cell phone coverage in remote as well as populated areas here in middle TN...around here that means I need Verizon (cingular is second best)

    2) Currently I have T-mobile and I literally talk to other tmobile customers (mostly family and a few friends) about 1200 minutes a month

    3) Even if I just get a huge minutes package with Verizon the other people I talk to are hurt because their minutes will get used up

    4) If I choose Verizon I won't be able to go with my perfect PDA/Phone setup which would be either the Iphone or the HTC Advantage (5" touch-screen)

    5) I also need a reliable fast internet connection on my phone to be able to check my email mainly

    6) I need to figure out if am going to use ToodleDo + Pocket Informant on my HTC Advantage or ToodleDo + Iphone or simply MS Outlook + Pocket Informant on my HTC Advantage (pda phone)

    7) I love the interface of ToodleDo but, I am not sure of this, don't I need internet access to turn on ToodleDo on a Iphone?...its not an application on it as ms outlook is on a pocket pc correct?

    8. Iphone works best with Cingular (but I can make it work with tmobile, however it may give issues that I might end up wasting time on...which i don't want to do) the other phone, HTC Advantage can work with both Tmobile & Cingular

    9) T-mobile's internet package doesn't work well for me

    10) I have a very mobile profession and I will need to access the internet on my laptop as well in remote areas (I don't mind using another data package for a wireless air card..I just thought I would mention this to give you the full picture)

    11) I have also thought of keeping it simply: just carrying my laptop + wireless air card + verizon blackberry (w/ minutes) + basic tmobile phone + paper planner of some sort...

    12) currently I don't have any planning tool not even a calendar

    13) I don't want to waste more time on this...I have already wasted about 12 hrs or so over the course of the past three weeks reading online, on forums, checking on ebay, finding out about different software programs, etc

    14) I am sure there is probably something I am forgetting, because I am just so frustrated right now, but I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts and your help and for reading this.

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    Move to Europe or use two phones.

    I know that this will not solve your problem but as I've read your specification I thought that you should move to Europe. For example in Poland we have three GSM/3G networks. GSM is avaialble in nearly every place in Europe and 3G in most of the cities and near the highways and railways. You can buy and use any unlocked phone in any of these networks without any restrictions. You can also buy susidized phones for $1 with two year contract.

    But seriously - maybe you should use two phones: a cheap one from Verizon with "cheap minutes contract" and iPhone or HTC for GTD?


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      I have been doing some thinking...and here is what I have so far:

      increase minutes on tmobile
      and turn on "forward if unreachable" to your verizon or cingular phone

      it seems that tmobile would then just become a basic sim card phone that I would keep simply for my tmobile friends and family

      so I could then get a verizon blackberry or pda device that would have the better reception that I want, the high speed internet that I want and the pda in it (though not the most optimal one) (this device would be 3g also) on second thought this probably won't work well because right now I have the HTC Touch w/ a 2.8" screen and its way to small for me and I can' t use it functionally and any verizon pda device I go with is going to have that screen or smaller

      or I could get the Iphone with cingular and since it would be unlocked (already done) when I know I am just going out for fun... (and when I go out for everything but business I rarely am ever in a remote area where tmobile doesn't pick up)...I simply swap the sim card in the Iphone w/ a tmobile sim card that way i don't have to carry both phones (also, this phone has NO 3g)

      or I could get the HTC advantage and small slim tmobile phone, the advantage would be on cingular so I can get high-speed internet and my calls are forwarded to it if no service on my tmobile (so HTC mainly ends up being my PDA w/ high-speed internet and emergency call device) (3g enabled)

      but still the Iphone route has issues because if its unlocked it may give me problems and if I use anything but the Iphone I won't be able to use ToodleDo very effectively, which I seem to like more

      and with the HTC advantage, especially if I have a nice small tmobile phone too when I am going out just with friends and family I will tend not to carry it around since it is so big (5" screen remember?) and instead choose to carry only my tmobile.. and thus have no pda with me at all at those times

      if the Iphone being unlocked didn't have any problems with would seem to be the appropriate would be my PDA with would be with cingular (better coverage) it would have cingular's internet (better than tmobile's) and when I can just do with tmobile's cellular reception and service for example when I am simply going to a friend's house for dinner, I can simply put my tmobile sim card into the iphone and off I go! the Iphone not having 3g shouldn't be that big of a detriment (plus when the 3g one comes I can buy it once people have figured out how to unlock it) and also, the iphone has a 3.5" screen!

      the htc advantage would be good too if I could accept using Pocket Informant instead of ToodleDo (which may not be that big of a deal if I actually try to learn and use it effectively) and if I not only have another small tmobile phone but actually keep my HTC touch as my "small slim tmobile phone" (its the size of a razr when, very small for a 2.8" touchscreen pda)...this way even when I am just going out for entertainment and such I can synchronize my htc advantage w/ my computer then synchronize my htc touch with my computer and off I go w/ a small slim pda phone that may not be as functional as the HTC advantage but it is not nearly as big either so its workable for the social life aspect

      what do you guys think? thanks for your input!


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        My suggestion:

        Keep your tmobile phone for personal use.

        Get a Verizon phone and wireless card for business use.

        Carry the business phone during business hours, and the personal phone during non-business hours. Forward one to the other if necessary.

        Either phone should be able to handle your address book and calendar. For everything else, I'd go with either a laptop (since you need to carry one anyway) or a paper system.

        Before you make any irrevocable decision, track your usage for a week or two. When I've done this, I've found a big difference between what I think I need and what I actually use. (Eventually leading me to abandon my PDA in favor of a very basic phone.)



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          thank you very much for your suggestion

          I do get a lot of phone calls on my tmobile phone all day long from friends and family that I usually answer so I need to keep my tmobile phone with me at all times as well (basically no difference between biz hours and personal hours)

          you are right about either phone being able to handle address book and calendar but both won't be the same unless I am always synchronizing the two...a phone number that I put into my tmobile address book won't be on my verizon, etc

          I would like to always have an instant-on laptop at hand but the time it takes for a laptop to power up and for me to get comfortable with it (for example in the car while parked, etc)...just to check on a note...its not worth it, I rather carry a pda for that and something like the IPhone (3.5" screen with amazing graphical user interface) or the HTC advantage (with a big bright 5" lcd) would be much easier.