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Verizon Wireless Treo 755p experience?

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  • Verizon Wireless Treo 755p experience?

    I am a long-time Palm user, but a new Treo user. I have had one of the new Treo 755p models from Verizon for a few weeks. It has not reset on me (apparently a problem with some 700p phones). I have read a lot of bad mouthing of Palm in general and Treo's in particular. Before I keep my 755p in lieu of a Crackberry 8830 World Phone, I thought I would see if there are GTD folks with experience (good or bad) with the Verizon-branded 755p.

    PDA functions are more important to me than pushed e-mail (which may actually reduce productivity). However, I now have a hybrid system where N.A.'s and Projects are paper-based (Levenger Cira Jr. notebook), so I might be able to get by with a Crackberry for contacts, calendar, and reference lists.

    I'd like to stick with the Treo, as long as reliability is not a problem.
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    My Treo Experience

    I've had good luck with my Treo 650.

    I was struggling with Outlook syncing consistency until I switched to Key Suite. It helped me in two ways. The sync is rock solid. It really helped with my use of the NetCentrics Add-In and other little things like the ALT key symbols which the Palm sync seemed to struggle with.

    Key Suite also adds features in their apps like Key Tasks, etc. compared to the Palm apps. It feels like where Palm should have evolved.

    I don't use e-mail or browse the web. Just keep lists.

    Not the question you asked but hopefully a useful data point.



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      Love My Treo

      I * love * my Treo. Mine is a 700p - not the 755, so, I can't comment on that. However, take a look at my post on this thread for more info.



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        Thanks for the replies.

        For what it is worth, the Treo 755p has not reset once in three weeks of use, and has worked smoothly in every way. I upgraded the Palm Desktop to the new Version 6 (written by the Access people), available at the Palm website, and have had no synch problems.

        I hope that the new management will keep Palm alive, and that the transition to a Linux-based OS goes smoothly (unlike the Foleo disaster, and the long-delayed release of the Verizon version of the Treo 755p).