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Need Web Based App to replace Palm Memos

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  • Need Web Based App to replace Palm Memos

    Hi All.

    I'm looking for a web based app that works well on the iPhone to access small documents akin to the Palm Memos function. I keep various memos on my palm with info that is handy to access on the go (reference data). Each memo has maybe 500 words.

    Is there a web based app that works relatively well on the iPhone for accessing these docs on the road? Does Google Docs work quickly and well on iPhone?

    I'd rather not hassle with syncing issues on a phone-based app.

    Did a quick search on here but didn't find anything, please feel free to redirect me to the appropriate thread however.


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    Three suggestions:

    1) You can figure out if Google works for you.

    2) Go to Apple's web site, where there are several note/memo Web Apps for iPhone listed. Whether any would work for you depends on your needs, including size, formatting, et cetera. Some of the todo list apps either support or could be used for notes also.

    3) You can email yourself information, and thus keep it on your iPhone.