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Circa Notebook question

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  • Circa Notebook question

    I am investigating trying out the Circa Notebooks for my GTD implementation and wondered how many pages the different sizes typically hold.

    Any feedback is appreciated.



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    It actually depends on the paper you use and the dividers you use. Circa paper is thicker than ordinary 18- or 20-pound paper. In my 3/4-inch letter-sized notebook, I have 5 plastic tabbed dividers and about 60-70 pages of paper, half of it heavier weight Circa stuff, half of it standard weight. It comes with 60 pages of heavy-weight paper, but I remember that adding dividers to what it came with made it more difficult to flip pages.


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      As the previous poster mentioned, it depends.

      The good news is that while the Circa system overall can be a bit pricy, it is cheap and easy to change out the rings on a given notebook. Start with 1/2 inch rings or 3/4 inch rings, and then move up to bigger ones if needed. I have found that if the notebook is too full and then folded back on itself, some of the paper has a tendency to pop out of the rings.