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  • Resume/CV software suggestions

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a kind of resume software for Vista that I'm not sure exists, but if someone knows of something like it please let me know. I've looked at several commercial resume software sites but they're high on hype and low on details. I'm willing to pay for the software if needed, but I wouldn't sniff at quality freeware.

    Here's my idea of what it would do, please guide me to something like it: I'm not currently looking for a job but I want to track all of the things that I do that might be helpful the next time I need to put together a quick resume, say, for a volunteer position or award (ie, something I don't want to spend 12 hours to make perfect but just want to send off quickly). Since I could potentially list far more things than should be put on a resume, as I add new things I would like to classify them under certain (ideally multiple) categories, say "marketing", "management", "teaching" or "art".

    So if tomorrow I want to apply to a volunteer position teaching art at a community center, everything related to those skills (be they from my education, work history or previous volunteering) will be automatically brought out by selecting "teaching" and "art", and I can trim from it as needed. It would also be great if I could include job descriptions of various lengths that could be adjusted based on the length of the resume I send out.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Resumes and CVs

    I would take the easy way out -- download some templates from the Microsoft website, then type up some sample resumes for specific situations. You could keep adding to them as appropriate information occurred to you.