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Question about Globe-Weis Everyday Fast File Sorter

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  • Question about Globe-Weis Everyday Fast File Sorter

    Does the Globe-Weis Everyday Fast File Sorter have a hole cut in every page? The reason I ask is because I've been trying to find one that I could actually touch and feel at some of the office supply stores, but haven't found any. I did find one made by another manufacturer, and it had a hole cut in every page, right in the middle...what is the purpose of that?

    How do you use that Fast File Sorter? You can't have it upright, like a book, can you? If so, wouldn't all the papers and slips fall out? It all seems so simple, but I don't know I have it figured out. Any help would be appreciated.


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    yes, a hole cut in each page

    The hole lets you see if there is a paper in that "slot". These come either a-z for gathering papers before filing (often used in doctor's offices) or 1-31 (and then months listed) and are often used in radio and tv stations where anyhing to be read on the air is ordered by day or for bills or things that need a attention on a prticular day. I have railed agasint these because I have lost stuff in them, but the real isue is my not using it daily or leaving a not in a mian fold or on myn calendar that I put something in it. For filling, some people keep them flat and others upright and facing you (with the letters or numbers showing toward you) in order to quickly slip stuff in. But for retrieval the book is usually used flat. If you are in US I think I got mine at Office Depot but many old fashioned small office supply stores keep one of each on hand. and I like to patronizr these little places if I can.


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      Tickler file

      I had to order this, but my file sorter has all 12 months and 1-31. I use it as a tickler file. I've slipped it inside a deep file drawer in my desk (tabs on top). That way I can quickly look in there each day to see if there is anything in there. Takes up way less room than 42 file folders.

      If you have an Office Depot, they can special order it for you. I bought mine through a 3rd party vendor at Amazon, but I had some issues with them that Amazon had to straighten out for me. Amazon was great, but the online office supply people they contract with were about the rudest people I've ever dealt with.


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        Great Explanation...

        Thanks for explaining that feature, Jamie. Thanks also for the advice regarding the online purchase, Barb. I was pretty sure I wanted one, but that hole in every page was I know what it's for. I'm still getting it...I've got mobile tickler file that is in a file box, just way too big for what I'm using it for, so this will be a great addition.

        Any other feedback regarding the Everyday Fast File Sorter would be appreciated.



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          One of the good things about this sorter is that you have all, whether its A-Z or 1-31, in one book. You don't need to pull out each and every folder. I use two of these pretty much every day - not as a tickler, but for special client processing. You need to lay them flat; I have a 3 shelf metal tray that holds one each in 2 shelves and the 3rd shelf I use as an inbox for filing into these books. The holes are very important, because it shows you what the next tab you need to jump to next (no need going through every tab.)
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