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Any ideas about storage for CD jewel case inserts?

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  • Any ideas about storage for CD jewel case inserts?

    I purchased binder pages to store my collection of discs -- music, MP3, DVD, software install, backup, etc. The pages I found were Vaultz by Ideastream, each package of which stores 200 discs -- 8 discs to a page with a pack of 25 (

    My question is: does anybody have any ideas about where to store the music CD insert pamphlets that normally go in the front of the jewel case? One obvious solution is to store each insert on the opposite side of its corresponding CD in the binder pages, but I'd prefer leave the binder pages for discs only.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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    My apologies if this is a smarmy answer... but what do you need them for?

    I will admit I love the tactile nature of CDs, and the artwork that goes with them... but when a move to an apartment forced my CDs to a binder system, I didn't have time to organize the insert/back cards with 'em. I didn't think this would be the case, but I haven't missed 'em. If I ever need to see the artwork, I can go online (except in a few very rare local/burned CDs).

    My wife stores the disc and insert card together in the same pocket on the same side of a page, which can get a little tight, but seems to work ok.

    Best of luck!


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      Any ideas about storage for CD jewel case inserts?

      FWIW, this is a system I use for my music. It is not a binder, but the individual sleeves hold & dsiplay the CD insert materials. You can then keep them in a case or drawer. The nice aspect of individual sleeves is sorting is much easier and taking a few CDs is much easier than 8-to-a-binder-page. I converted a wall sized rack to three modest drawers for my collection (~1200 CDs).


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        is a functioning link. Sorry


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          ... for all of your answers.

          To reply to the "smarmy" answer, I guess I feel like keeping the inserts. Plus, selling the CD is easier if you have the front insert. Although that doesn't address the back of the case insert if you throw those away.