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Applying Sciral Consistency

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  • Applying Sciral Consistency

    A forum post recommended Sciral Consistency as an alternative to an NA list for repeating tasks, such as new daily habits you want to form (which you can sure have in learning a new system such as GTD).

    I really liked the idea, and started off by setting target ranges for my new habits with a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 1 day -- after all, it IS a daily habit, right?

    Today, changed all the maximum ranges to 2 days. I am still shooting for daily, but, if I miss, I get a day of grace. Better, if I hit it daily, I am ahead of the game.

    It sure looks like a lot of this is 'all in the mind'. But I guess I knew that, and this just reinforces it

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    Interesting post. I've been working on my own habits within the framework of the GTD system.

    What I do is create a project with the stated objective and add its actions to a context labeled @daily:

    E.g., If I want to do better at flossing each day, I create a project such as "teeth/gums in good shape." Then I create a next action: floss @daily. (Sorry for the admittedly gross dental hygiene example.)

    Or I might create a project: Running 5 days a week. Again, I create an action: run @daily.

    The result is an @daily context list with everything I want to accomplish on a regular basis. I make sure to consult the daily checklist several times a day.

    During my weekly review, I take stock of how well I did on building good habits over the course of the week.