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Need task manager for iPhone

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  • Need task manager for iPhone

    I evaluated several different mobile PC phones because my Siemens SX66 was ending it's useful life. I was skeptical of iPhone because of lack of ability to syn tasks with Outlook, but was persuaded by a good friend of its merits.

    I am SOOO happy I chose I phone. Love the visual voicemail. I get a high volume of vm's, and I feel that my iPhone has almost doubled my phone productivity. I love everything else about the iphone (purchased unabridged GTD audiobook and downloaded for those spare moments to get re-inspired!)

    I have been trying a paper-based list management, and the re-copying of lists at the end of the day feels so archaic and a waste of time. I would like to go back to electronic, but, alas, the iphone doesn't sync tasks with outlook, nor have any half-way decent task managemetn application for that matter.

    On my siemens, I categorized tasks and could view categories as lists of various tasks. I now have no such capability. In other GTD threads I see people talking about Remember the Milk and Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, but is sounds like they are all web based and my pace and lack of internet connection at times makes such applications impractical. I need a solution that is actually on my iPhone.

    Does anybody know of a solution????????? Or, if one may be forthcoming? Will there ever be a non-web based 3rd party to sync iPhone and Outlook tasks?

    My only thought is using Jott to capture stuff, transferring it onto tasks in Outlook, and then printing those out at the start or end of each day.

    Any feedback on any of this would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I have an iPhone and am patiently waiting for the 2.0 firmware release which will open up 3rd party applications. Omnifocus, my current GTD tool, has a planned iPhone version. This should be very good.

    For now, I am using Omnifocus and a bit of a hacked solution using Toodledo. It does require being online, so it does not sound ideal for you. Also, Omnifocus is mac-based and it appears you are on a PC.

    You might try looking at Toodledo which has a very nice iPhone interface. There are some other manual synch options with it that might work.


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      Thanks. Yes, I am PC. I'll check out Toodledoo. If it has something that I actually download onto the iPhone and can sync manually, that sounds like it may be a good solution.

      When the firmware 2.0 is released, do you think that an interface between the iPhone and Outlook will be created. I'd be happy just to know that at some point my problem will be resolved, and I can sync with Outlook.


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        Email Yourself

        The best way to keep your action lists synced with your iPhone is to use a GTD implementation that allows you to email your action lists. Ready-Set-Do! is one I designed that does this. Omnifocus is also experimenting with this functionality. There are probably others, too.
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          Thanks for your post. Your software looks really awesome! I had no idea that stuff like that was being developed. But it appears that yours and ominifocus are both for MAC users, and, alas,I'm a lowly PC user. Perhaps I should just buy a MAC and switch over, but of course that would be a major undertaking, and I've made a big deal about getting all of my staff and independent contractors onto Outlook so that we can always be on the same page. I'm on the phone a ton, so I'm really thinking about trying Jott, and then organizing in Outlook, and then Priniting and using paper-base mobile.