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CRM application on USB

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  • CRM application on USB

    Does anyone know of a CRM / contact management application that can work on a USB stick?

    I've looked all over the place and can't find what I'm looking for.

    I don't need a sales-tracking package, or anything sophisticated like that. Let's say I make a new contact. I'll drop him a line straight after our meeting. I will then want to make contact again a month later, so I need to be able to set that date in my system. I may then invite him to lunch - and I will want to be able to set a review date in my system to chase him for an acceptance of my invitation etc.

    I can hear some of you sayinng, 'aha! What you are looking for is called a d-i-a-r-y!'. But that won't really do the job. I also want my system to be able to tell me, at a glance, which of my contacts I haven't been in touch with for, say, 3 months.

    Any ideas?

    A USB application seems like a good idea to me. Perhaps a Tiddlywiki?

    Alternatively, does anyone use Mindmanager for this? If so, could you explain (template?) how you do this.


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    Have you looked at Time and Chaos? It does allow for sync to USB, run from USB etc.

    Found it to be reasonable for basic CRM.