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Reminders for important To Do items not on Calendar

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  • Reminders for important To Do items not on Calendar

    As DA reccomends I only put items that must absolutely be done on a specific date on my Calendar. I would appreciate some suggestions on how I can be reminded of very important items that must be done in the very near future, but not date specific, so that they are not lost in my long category lists. After doing the weekly review, how do you highlight those tasks that must be done during the week but not on a specific day? Thank you.


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    Put safety reminder in your calendar too.

    I've got following solution for important next actions that are not date-specific: use additional calendar reminders. When you are putting such important next action in the appropriate context list try to estimate the last day on which you should do it before the disaster happens. Then put the reminder in your calendar on this or earlier date.
    For example if I've got important next action to do during next week I put a reminder on next Wednesday in my calendar. On Wednesday I MUST check if it is already done - if not I MUST do it or reprocess it (renegotiate the agreement) taking into account new conditions.
    If the next action is really important it is worth the time you spend on duplicating the information about it. You feel better if you know that your system is reliable.