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methods of keeping folders up in filing cabinet?

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  • methods of keeping folders up in filing cabinet?

    i have my folders, my filing cabinet - how shall I stack them up?

    I think I read about using a bookend?

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    Originally posted by alpha View Post
    i have my folders, my filing cabinet - how shall I stack them up?

    I think I read about using a bookend?
    Depending on the type of filing cabinet you can get attachments that slip into the drawer to create a sort of movable rear to the drawer which supports the stack of files. I tried bookends but they tended to fall over backwards due to the weight creating a spectacular spread of files in the drawer. The book ends I used also had felt on the bottom of them making them even more likely to slide backwards under pressure.

    I now have been given lateral filing cabinets with no drawers just hangers. So I don't have to worry about that little problem. The joys of a building completely designed by someone who knows nothing about how you do your job



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      Ah, the bane of my GTD existence. File cabinets with no adjustable holder. My two solutions:
      1) bookend
      2) something like this stuck inside the drawer:


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        If you have metal file drawers, you might try a magnetic bookend. That worked for me.


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          If you use the traditional "L" shaped bookend (and get the heavy duty ones at an office supply store) they'll work pretty well if you put them in backwards (at least it seems backwards to me).

          What I mean is that you place the bookend in so that the bottom of the bookend (the horizontal bottom of the "L") rests under the files, as opposed to sticking out behind the files.

          The weight of the files will keep the bookend in place.


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            file keeper-upper (follower) hack

            Decide how full you want to keep the drawer to play comfortably with your files

            Deermine if that volume is permanent or if you are you going add or delete files.

            If permament, use the space as a depot to store at least two boxes of supplies that you want to keep on hand but don't need to retrieve very often (facial tissues, granola bars, envelopes in their original boxes). When you have used one box, you can still hold up your files but you will be cued to replace the it. If orginal boxes won't work due to size, you can find a cardboard or plastic box or boxes that are just the size you want. If using a box, this is also a good place for some emergency supplies such as an extra set of keys, first aid stuff, birthday candles and balloons, an old pair of glasses, get well and sympathy cards, etc. Pay attention to height of the boxes--I like no taller than 3/4 of the height of the folders.

            If you anticipate adding files, the trick is to have several boxes 1" or 2" thick, so that you can remove these and discard or re-locate as you go. A stack of magazines secured all around with tape or string can work too. This also works well for drawers that do not open fully anyway and you have to reach way insdie and peer under to get to the last 4".

            If you anticipate deleting folders, look around for something that you readily add in to make up the space. as you go along Reams of paper, more granola bars in their bulk box, magazines taped in a stack, as per above.


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              This is where I go against official recommendation.

              Though I know David doesn't recommend it as ideal, I choose to the use hanging files to hold my folders up. Consistent with the recommendation for one who chooses to use the hanging files (like me), I use one hanging file for each manila folder. Keeping a pinch of empty hanging files in the front of the drawers, and a bunch more in the back, I have ready access to empty hanging files whenever I put a new folder in.

              If I'm 100% sure I'm going to be taking a manila folder out for just moments, I leave the hanging file it was in right where it was. If I might be using it for long enough to need to retrieve at least one other manila folder (and/or if I know I'm going to be taking that folder with me), I take the hanging file that it was in and put it in the back or front stash of empty hanging files (depending on which side it's closer to), and simply grab an empty hanging file again when it's time to put that folder back in.

              Why do I do this? I've personally found the ability to flip through the manila folders far easier when they glide easily on the hanging files. The only downside I've found is that you can't fit as many folders into a drawer as you'd be able to sans hanging files. For me, personally, this is a very acceptable trade-off for the ease of folder flipping afforded by the gliding, always-vertical hanging files.
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