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  • Ipod touch

    Anyone using this for GTD. I have not used electronic for a few years and i kind of miss it especially for calendar and contacts. Not sure about future of palm so i thought that if i got back into electronic i would go for newer technology. I am too cheap for the IPhone so thought the IPod would be the way to go.

    Any thoughts?


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    I'm not using an iPod at present as my Palm currently does the job, although doing things using GTD is not easy, unless you know some GTD apps that I don't.

    Don't know if you use a Mac as your main machine but Apple is presently working on the development kit for iPhone/Touch, I think later in the year would be the time to jump as I can see some pretty cool apps appearing. I think OmniGroup will bring out a version of OmniFocus, their excellent GTD app for the iPhone, which will probably also work on the Touch. There will no doubt be others.


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      Hi Michael

      Have a look here

      in short at the moment there is a shortage of applications which work when you are not connected to the internet. That should start to be sorted now there is some third-party development. Tasks are not handled anywhere and I think there are some weird things with contacts about not being saved to the mac if you enter them on the touch. But maybe that got fixed. I would try before you buy.



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        EasyTask Manager PC/Mac/iPod/iPhone

        I'm using an excellent tool that works on PC and Mac, syncing through the software provider's on-line service.

        I recently learned from them they plan to release the native application for iPhone and iPod Touch, when Apple releases their 2.0 OS, early in June.



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          I have been thinking real hard about this for a long time.

          I am on Sprint, and I can get a Centro smart phone for next to nothing and it won't change my cash outlay very much. I would love this for looking at the traffic situation in Minneapolis over the web. The problem is it's a Palm system. Not a big deal because it will sync with my mac nicely minus any GTD usage. Not perfect, but a low cost. On the other hand Palm looks dead compared to what Apple is doing with PDAs.

          I am using The Things GTD application for Mac. I am sick of analyzing GTD software and am pretty satisfied with it for my purposes. Things will be able to sync with iPhone and iTouch later this summer. An iPhone is much, much more expensive and I need to figure out if that's worth it for the ideal GTD set up. I will so minimally utilize the other features of an iPhone so it really gives me pause. I am not a heavy cell phone user. An itouch is o.k. but you lose the internet in a big way compared to iPhone or Centro.

          Centro = $100 + 45/month
          iPhone = $500 + 60/month

          By my analysis you will be $1000 poorer over three years with the iPhone. The question is, is that worth it? It would just be incredibly nice to see the traffic and have a super GTD app in one perfect gadget.

          An itouch with limited web access and needing to carry a cell phone anyway seems so not that great. I don't know what I'm going to do.

          (since Sprint is having so many problems I wonder if I can get that lowered, too.)