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GTD Outlook Add-In & Projects When Syncing

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  • GTD Outlook Add-In & Projects When Syncing


    I purchased the GTD Outlook Add-In for my home and work computer and really appreciate the ability to link actions with projects. However, when I sync to my palm I lose these links, and subsequently when I sync at work all my actions are orphaned from their projects. I assume this happens since the Palm does not recognize the user defined project field.

    Has anyone figured out a fix for this situation?


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    Jim -- There is no real solution to this. The Addin uses fields that are not supported when syncing to a Palm. There is a different approach described in another thread by this contributor:
    Originally posted by Roger Wichmann
    I went the route of specialized software to make this work for me, because I to couldn't get around the gap of not being able to connect next actions to projects. I currently use Microsoft Outlook (XP) and a Sony Clie (Palm Pilot) to do my planning with.

    On the Microsoft side, I use the contact as project form from Bill Kratz. This allows me to have all my actions on Outlook linked to Projects through the contact field. Using this metod was great, but I could not get this data to transfer to the Palm.

    On the Palm side I found KeySuite from Chapurra. The newest version, version 2.1, has a couple of new functions that makes this all work just great. One is the ability to sync multiple folders from Outlook. This allowed me to sync the projects folder (another contacts folder). The other change is allowing me to link activities (todos, appointments, and notes) to a contact. Plus I can view all activites linked to a contact.

    So what I see on my Palm is two contact databases, one for contacts, one for projects. Under each project I can view all the activites linked to that project (all my next actions).

    From either platform (Outlook or KeySuite) I can:

    1. Create a new project
    2. Create new actions
    3. Link actions to a project
    4. View all next actions linked to a project
    5. Create new subprojects (a new project that is linked to another project)
    6. Drill down and drill up for more details in either direction.

    Right now I have what I believe is an almost perfrct system. The logic and style of each system is almost exactly the same. I also have a seperate task list that has all my tasks for a weekly review, and this is synced to the Palm as well. With this system I can do my weekly review with my PC, my laptop, or my palm, and have all the same functionality.

    Roger Wichmann
    For more from this thread, see