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Need Help With Outlook Tasks and Syncing to My Smartphone

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  • Need Help With Outlook Tasks and Syncing to My Smartphone

    I'm using the tasks feature in Outlook, with a reminder date and time set to most tasks. I'm noticing a problem with updated reminder times not being synced correctly and was hoping someone here might have a solution.

    Here is my set-up:
    Desktop PC running Vista with Office 2007
    Laptop PC running Window XP with Office 2003
    Motorola Q 9c running Windows Mobile

    I sync the Q back and forth between the two PCs. Whenever I do, Outlook's alert window always pops up the older reminder times. I have to then reset whatever alerts got flashed.

    Is there a way to make sure older reminders are overwritten with the latest updates? Or does Windows assume the PC has the most recent alerts?

    Thanks in advance.

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    There are settings in ActiveSync to control which device is considered the master. I would guess that your problem is probably related to syncing to two computers with one Windows Mobile device. - Steve