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Task Software for Windows Mobile

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  • Task Software for Windows Mobile

    I need a task software program that will allow me to see tasks by reminder times. I deal with multiple deadlines and if I'm not being alerted about this or that, I will forget to the address them.

    I find this works really well with the two minute rule, especially with projects that are delegated and actions that need to be addressed, but not at the time I enter them.

    Outlook allows me to sort by reminder time, but not Windows Mobile. (I use a Motorola Q 9c).

    I've been emailing the developer of ExtremeAgenda and their program does not allow this functionality either.

    I don't want to put reminders on my calendar, since I'm trying to keep it limited only to appointments.

    Does anybody have a suggestion of a program that would fit my needs and allows me to enter and edit tasks on my desktop as well as on my smartphone?


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    Oxios ToDo List

    (Do a search)