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GTD with Lotus Notes and Outlook??

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  • GTD with Lotus Notes and Outlook??

    I'm not sure how unusual this scenario is, but regardless, I could really use some advice.

    I work for a company with Lotus Notes as the email client. I have a Blackberry that I love, but cannot be connected to the Enterprise Server at work. I do have BES service, from a hosted Outlook service I use for a personal business out of my home.

    As a result, I'm playing a difficult game- trying to manage multiple email accounts, and the volume of work is winning. The bulk of my email and work is within the Notes environment- and I am searching for advice on how to use my BB to keep my lists and projects manageable. I'd love to experience a clean inbox too.

    Does anyone have advice or ideas? Is there an Add-in for Notes that will allow me to synch with USB cable and keep things updated in my PC and handheld that is compatible with Notes- while utilizing GTD?

    I appreciate anyone who has suggestions. Thanks!