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Lenovo X300 is way cool!

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  • Lenovo X300 is way cool!

    I received my Lenovo ThinkPad X300 a few days ago, and have been very pleased with it so far. It is light like the Mac Book Air, but more practical, with a thin optical drive and numerous ports. CNET, the Wall Street Journal, and Notebook Magazine agree.

    I ordered it with XP Pro instead of Vista Business. This choice, combined with the solid state drive, provides a really quick boot.

    I loaded Palm Desktop 6.2, rather than the 4.X version. This worked well on my last ThinkPad, and works fine so far on the X300. I was able to transfer each of the Palm files without problems.

    The keyboard, like my last ThinkPad, is truly wonderful.

    It has an internal broadband modem for Verizon Wireless EdVO Rev-A, which I am using.

    It is not flashly looking, which is just fine with me. Overall, it is a capable, pleasing-to-use, tool.