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Processing Notes When you travel between offices

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  • Processing Notes When you travel between offices

    My job requires me to travel between three locations on a weekly basis. I have read the postings on how people process their meeting notes. My problem is that I need my notes taken at a previous location handy when I am at a different location for fear I will have to refer to meeting notes taken. I read some people keep journals and others process their notes as prescribed by GTD.

    I would like to hear from people who work in multiple offices on how they process and keep track of notes.

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    When I was travelling a lot, I used a journal (moleskine or something similar) to take meeting notes.
    After processing the notes, drew a diagonal line over the page: I could easily see that I processed the notes and I could still read the notes if I had to.
    I usually only carried the current notebook; sometimes I also had the previous notebook (just after starting a new notebook in order to keep some history).
    I could do about a month with a notebook and I seldom needed to refer to things from previous notebooks.

    my 2 (euro)cents.


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      3 cents USD

      Originally posted by beyerst View Post
      my 2 (euro)cents.
      Which, today, is worth 0.0311061 USD.


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        That was my first thought too. Beyerst 2 cents are worth more than mine (US).


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          If I have to work from paper for note-taking, I just carry the Moleskine I usually use and flip to the page of notes I need. Important bits of information I expect to retrieve before fully processing my notes get starred or underlined or highlighted somehow.

          If I'm working out of my electronic system, which I prefer, but isn't always appropriate, I open a task for the meeting/podcast/whatever, and add a comment to the task for each piece of information I need to capture. That usually breaks up the notes enough they're easy to turn into individual tasks or store as reference, and I've got the notes available immediately. If I need to share them right away, I just delegate the task with all the meeting notes so they're available to my teammates.