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Using Shadow/DateBk: how to set up a next n/a quickly?

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  • Using Shadow/DateBk: how to set up a next n/a quickly?


    I use Shadow Plan for my projects and DateBk5 for checking off my linked todo's.
    Sometimes, this gives a problem. When a project have more next actions like first call Peter, then call Jack and then call Susan (in that order), it's not visible for me who I have to call first etc.
    Is there a way to make this visible or hiding the second next action until the first one is checked off? You can do this with Life Balance, but I don't use that program.
    I could link the first next action and after checking that one off, activating the second one in Shadow. But in DateBk, I can't see if there is a next n/a for that project. And it costs too much time, I think, to switch everytime between DateBk and Shadow. Is there another way?



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    You can use ShadowLink hack to make this easier. When you set it up Shadow will add text to the end of the note of a linked Todo (visible in Datebk or Todo) that looks like:

    "[[[Shadow: (xxxxxxx) Projectname > Sub-Item]]]".

    All you need to do is open the attached note and tap anywhere in the text "Shadow" and it will jump to that item in the Shadow app. From there you can activate the next action.

    It's included in the Shadow zip file. There is a version for both Palm OS 4.x and 5.x.