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Blackberry GTD Questions?

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  • Blackberry GTD Questions?

    Iím considering the move from a Treo (palmOS) to a Blackberry Curve using Blackberry Enterprise Server and have some questions:
    1. Is there a limit to the number of categories on the Blackberry? This is one of the reasons Iím considering the move from a Palm based system.
    2. Will the Blackberry synchronize email folders in addition to the standard inbox? I maintain @support and @waitFor subfolders in Outlook; it would be nice to access these on the Blackberry.
    3. Are the tasks and notes wirelessly synchronized? Using Microsoft ActiveSync and the Treo (palmOS), task and notes must be synchronized separately with HotSync.
    Your input is very much appreciated.

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    Hi MikeyLa,

    1) No.

    2) Yes.

    3) Yes.

    I am using NextAction! for GTD as the BlackBerry's internal task application is kind of not productive in the way to select a context (you need to define a filter first ).


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      Thank you for answering my questions. Looks like I'll be making the move.


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        Agree with funkym but would also suggest you need to look at NextAction! as an app to manage tasks instead of the native app. Main reason is it makes working with categories (ie contexts) much easier.