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Leather Note Jotter holds 3x5 cards

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  • Leather Note Jotter holds 3x5 cards

    I wanted to pass along a handy little tool I have found for a measly $9.99 at Staples. It is a leather 'note jotter' that carries about 25 index cards. Whenever I need to get an idea, action, project, or whatever, down on paper, out comes my Jotter. When I get back home, as I empty my pockets I find loose cards in my pocket (this is a "put it in front of the door" technique) as part of my pocket-emptying routine (keys, wallet, etc.). I just toss my new ideas into my Inbox for processing.

    Here is a link--the item is all the way to the left at the top:

    I really like this tool because:
    a) this looks nicer than a stack of loose cards
    b) it holds the cards all in one place without the edges getting dog-eared
    c) because there is no cover, it is just as fast to use as pulling out a card
    d) cheaper than other leather alternatives
    e) it has 4 pockets, in case I want to store colored or non-ruled cards, also.

    I know someone else on this forum would like these, so I thought I'd pass it along.


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    I agree completely! I've been using the 3 x 5 "pocket briefcase" as Levenger calls it for quite some time now.
    I carry it everywhere and there is no resistance to pulling it out and dropping ideas , information, tasks etc..on it.
    Unfortunately, it has not replaced my planner (Franklin Covey Clssic size)

    I use a Motorla Q. The problem I face with the PDA is that I cannot type info into it as fast as i think. I wish I could go dgital with my lists but I can't really work with them on the Motorolla fast enough.
    Does anyone remember Actioneer? Great application! Wonder why it died. If I'm not mistaken, DA had something (if not everything) to do with it's creation.


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      3" x 2.5" Half-Size Index Cards

      I have been using 3" x 2.5" (half the width of a 3" x 5" index card) index cards from Mead. I have several in my portfolios, briefcase, BlackBerry case, car, etc. They're great for quickly creating a next action that I add to my BlackBerry Tasks when I can.