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  • Actioneer

    Does anyone remember Actioneer? Great application that would essentially send items to your lists automatically by using kew words..If you typed the word "call", it would be dropped in your calls list etc..I think DA had something to do with it's creation?

    Is there anything out there that works the same way??

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    Indeed, what a great little tool it was. I used it years ago with my Palm V. I seem to remember there being issues with the GTD Add-In and compatibility. I think many folks strayed from the Palm/Palm Desktop format exclusively into Outlook and/or Lotus Notes. Your comment did bring a smile to my face as I fondly remembered Actioneer and my Timex watch that would sync with Schedule Plus! I think I got that from the Covey Leadership Center before the merger with Franklin Planner. Yes, long ago and far away...


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      still around with different product

      Actioneer is still around, making a password management application. That link mentions the inspiration from David Allen and GTD.

      Yep, they had some cool technology for quickly capturing stuff in Palm, Outlook, and Lotus Notes, making it easy to empty your mind. Their software would parse a wide range of natural language to the appropriate lists, e.g. "call Bob" to your calls list with Bob's phone number, or "Mon 2p" to your calendar for next Monday at 2:00PM.


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        It's not near as full-featured or intuitive, but HandsHigh Software's "Slap!" for PalmOS does some of the same things Actioneer did.