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Question for Outlook Users

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  • Question for Outlook Users

    I don't have outlook, so I don't really understand how one uses it to do GTD. Here's my question though.

    I assume there is some sort of Todo list function - "Tasks?" that you can use to assign categories to your next actions. Is this right?

    The second question then becomes, if I am using Outlook as part of a firm-wide email program, can the settings be made to work so that my boss could look at my NAs?

    We're trying to figure out a system where I can keep track of the clients and he can look in from time to time and see what the status of a particular client is without me having to go update a whole separate list for him. (Each client has 2 or 3 nicely labeled NAs, each representing the next action on a particular project we're going for him or her.)

    Anybody have any ideas?

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    See lots of ideas at:


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      Thanks, Bill. I forwarded that to our Systems people - hopefully they will get Outlook (and whatever else they need) set up right so it will work.


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        TaskTimer from MOBIPRO

        Have you had a look at a TaskTimer demo from MOBIPRO?

        It has a time management, task management, email actioning and projects all in one application. With multiple users, the database is placed on the network and all information can be shared.