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Text Based Outliner for Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, Etc.

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  • Text Based Outliner for Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, Etc.

    Can any of you recommend a simple outliner for mind mapping or brainstorming. I'm looking for something that is:

    1. windows based;
    2. exports (or is a) text file with tabs;
    3. simple, but with some kind of outlining features (hide/show outline levels, etc).

    #2 eliminates MS Outlook. I'm trying to stay away from installing all of VI just to get vimoutliner. I'm thinking there has to be a product out there (some text editor) that i'm just missing... Thank you in advance.

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    Use MS Word

    I reckon you're already using Word or one of its competitors. If all you want is text outlining, Word does a great job in the outlining mode.
    For me, outliners are too linear, I use MindManager to brainstorm and develop new ideas, so I can easily hop from idea to idea and also see links between them




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      I love wikidpad it's free/open source and you can install it on a USB key and take your wikis with you.


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        For a simple Windows outliner, take a look at ToDoPaper.

        If it meets your needs, then check out Bits du Jour on Sunday (7/13/8 ), as you can buy it for 50% off.

        If you want traditional mind mapping, then consider Mind Meister. It is online, so it will give you access from any internet connected computer.

        I hope that helps, or at least offers some alternatives.