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Page tabs for moleskin

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  • Page tabs for moleskin

    I've been doing an experiment with using a pocket Moleskin notebook for my lists & portable inbox. Unfortunately, I have an issue with maintaining my lists, and I was hoping to get input from the forum-o-sphere!

    I have colored mini post-it tabs to identify my contexts. I write the context on the "3M" post-it in permanent "Sharpie" ink. I use the removable/reusable sticky tabs so that I can move it to a fresh page when I am finished using (fill-up) a page.

    However, after a week or so, the the post-it tabs get curled up and/or folded-over.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to have an externally viewable page tab on the moleskin that survives longer?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I am also conducting a trial at the moment using a Moleskine for my lists. I'm using the same tabs as you describe to identify my contexts and have only put one letter on each so that I can have them only protruding 1/4 inch. It seems to be working - they are not curling or folding.

    Hope this helps.


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      how about using the durable post it tabs, not the paper ones.

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        Durable Post-it Tabs + Circa = Unbeatable

        I use the Durable Post-it tabs labeled with a fine-tipped Sharpie marker attached to pages in a Circa notebook for my lists.
        These durable tabs are coated along one edge in the familiar Post-it note style, but they are stiff plastic so they don’t curl. The adhesive is strong but the tabs are easily repositionable without tearing the paper. (Tabs come in several sizes and colors.)

        The value of using these tabs in a bound notebook – such as a Moleskine – to provide durable, writeable, tabs is obvious. The benefit in a loose-leaf notebook – such as Circa – is less obvious. After all, you can use tabbed index pages to mark sections in a loose-leaf notebook.
        The real benefit is size: The notebook is much thinner and easier to handle if you remove (typically thick) index pages and fasten Post-it tabs directly to the pages that you write on. (Circa users know that an overstuffing a Circa notebook causes problems …)

        I hope to update this post with a photo within the week.


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          Maybe this one would be interesting for you, did some hacks in the past like this one:

          Cheers, Thorsten


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            Durable PLUS labeler

            I also use a Moleskine, but it is the regular size. This means that I do not carry it in my pocket, which may make a big difference.

            Here is a picture of what I do--I used the thickest Durable labels I could get, then printed out labels (2 lines per label) and attached those. By not having them stick out very far they stay in good shape. (Ignore the solid blue one--I just got a new one and my June calendar pages were already in my old planner so I photocopied them and made my own tab)

            I give each tab several pages (4 Calendar, then 20 NA, then 7 Projects, then 5 SDMB, then purely lists until the midpoint of the notebook, where it will eventually repeat until the Index, which is the last page).

            In the past I have "sunk" these labels in so ONLY the colored strip was sticking out, and just wrote on them with a fine-point permanent marker. Those worked fine as well, but these are more visible and have been in place for 6 months or so.

            Hope this helps
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