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Help synching notes w/ windows Mobile

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  • Help synching notes w/ windows Mobile


    I just got a new phone that uses windows mobile (tmobile wing), and need some help getting my notes sorted/filtered by category.

    The phone let's me filter my tasks by category, but not my notes. The only option I see for sorting/filtering notes in by folder, which doesn't work out so well when synched back to outlook.

    Any thoughts on how to filter by category, or on software that will let me do it?



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    I have been using Windows mobile with the GTD methodology for about 1 1/2 yr now. I have came to the conclusion that the default "notes" option in WM in v.good as collection tool (especially if u have a touch screen n stylus). But its USELESS beyond that.

    Why do u want to organize ur NOTES by category anyways?

    I think one program that has the capability of what u are talking about is PhatNotes or DayNotez. Google them out.


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      None of the options sync with exchange server if that's important to you. I've used Phatnotes before as well as one other popular option a while back and I liked Phatnotes.

      I feel the same as the above poster - I like to collect info there and keep a few things handy that I sometimes need to reference. I also use the voice recorder on WM devices a lot - I have an AT&T 8525 and I have it mapped to the push to talk yet (simple hack program out there). Very useful.


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        I (was forced to) switch to a Windows Mobile device after years with a Palm. I keep several lists in Notes (a la David Allen) and immediately missed being able to sort by category.

        I bought a copy of PhatNotes (the standard edition was more than adequate for me) and it does exactly what I wanted it to. I'd recommend it if you feel as though you'll be lost without the Notes category sort!!


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          Thanks for the responses - I got a phatnotes trial edition, and it seems to work well

          FYI, I have notes by category such as passwords, next time in, lists, checklists, etc.


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            Try Smartphone Notes