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Lifespan of Labels on Folders?

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  • Lifespan of Labels on Folders?

    Can anyone who is using a Brother Labeler tell me if the labels last or how long before they come off thefolders?

    I have in the past used Avery file folder labels and within a year or so the glue on the labels comes off and the label falls into the folder. If you have already written on the folder once by hand then suddenly the folder is no longer accurately labeled with the contents. To avoid the problem I hand write the label on the folder and when a folder is empty turn it around and use the back side. Folders don't get re-used a 3rd time due to the missing label problem.

    Before I invest in a Brother or similar label machine I want to be sure I'm not setting myself up for the same problem with it.

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    I have a Brother labeler (don't remember the model, but the actual label tapes I think are the same across the brand). I have some labeled folders from ~2004 (when I started using GTD), and none of them have fallen off.


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      Thanks that helps. Some of my files are decades old but most are under 10 years. 4 years is longer than Avery labels last.


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        The Brother labels stay on far better than Avery. Must be a different type of glue. Also, because the Brother labels are plasticized, they peel off in one piece if you need to remove them. That will also peel of a bit of the file folder, though, so I find it's best to just put new labels on top of the old. I have some folders with 7 or 8 labels on top of each other and it's not a problem.

        One little thing about Brother labels -- if you have handwritten on the folder with marker or a marker pen, it will bleed through the plastic. Best to use a new folder or one only labeled with regular ink or pencil.



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          Label ends

          I have a Brother P-Touch labeler, and I LOVE it. The labels stick really well. I remember seeing labels that were exterior-appropriate so those would probably be even more sticky.

          As the previous reply says, permanent marker will bleed through. I found this out after scribbling out a previous label.

          If you don't use marker, however, you might see the old label through the new label.

          To solve this, I use the 'label ends' that my labeler spits out before printing the label (a 3/4" piece that just gets automatically cut off). When I am reusing a folder i use these label ends to cover the old one.

          Dorky? Maybe, but it works.



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            The TZ laminated label tape is very durable. None of my labels have come off, and they are about 7 or 8 years old.