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Taskline for Msft Outlook

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  • Taskline for Msft Outlook

    Following copied from Woody Leonhard's excellent newsletter, Woody's Office Watch:

    Here's a neat utility that does just what I want - and no more.

    Don't know about you, but I have about a zillion tasks that stare at me every morning. It's hard to keep track of them all. Outlook doesn't help much. But a utility called Taskline ( ) gives me a bunch of tools for organizing and managing them.

    It's cool. Not a full-fledged project management package. Just a little companion that lets me assign start and finish dates, works around my calendar entries, and helps me keep on top of deadlines - the bane of the scribbling class.

    Shareware priced at $50, with a 30 day trial period. Check it out.

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    re: Taskline

    I've tried that product before. It is a really nice program that gives you some of the power of Above and Beyond (A GREAT standalone PIM; alas no handheld support to speak of) and obviously syncs with handhelds.
    The problem I had with it was:

    1. Does not support recurring tasks
    2. Has no distinction for categories. IOW, I only want it to schedule my @office tasks between 8 and 5 and my @home tasks after 5. Can't do that.

    Otherwise, very nice piece of software.


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      I use the Taskline addin as well, though not all the time, every day. Some of you may have seen the Taskline task form in the screenshots on my GTD with Outlook website at

      It can be a useful tool for blocking out a segment of time to work on tasks or projects, though it can be a little confining. For those who like to prioritize tasks, it might be worth it just for its infnite range of priority settings, even if you didn't use the scheduling functions.

      No support for recurring tasks is a drawback, though that will be corrected in future releases. The question of separating categories of tasks is an excellent one; I'll have to take a closer look at that for a work-around.

      Whether or not you like its features and functions, it is a technically well-done piece of software that works reliably.



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        I have used taskline for 10 days together with netcentrics GTD for outlook and am very pleased with results.

        Taskline contradicts one of the basic GTD rules of scheduling tasks in the calendar. But for my needs it is very helpful, by providing a numeric ranking field and time estimate to complete the task, it automatically ranks your activities and works around your hard landspace.

        In my case, @computer, @work and most of my @calls are performed from the same location, my office. Therefore taskline's inability to work with these contraints is not a problem for me.

        taskline has helped to show me where I am spending my time and where not by visually displaying my work. The numerical ranking forces you to make difficult decisions regarding the priorities of one task over another (much better than H/M/L in outlook).


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          TaskLine Now Understands Work versus Non-Work Time and Tasks

          Originally posted by dbcoyer View Post
          The problem I had with it was:

          2. Has no distinction for categories. IOW, I only want it to schedule my @office tasks between 8 and 5 and my @home tasks after 5. Can't do that.

          Otherwise, very nice piece of software.
          The most current version conceptualizes work and non-work tasks separately, and lets you schedule only work tasks during defined work hours. Similarly, you can now schedule non-work tasks during defined non-work hours.