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iPhone 3G and GTD

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  • iPhone 3G and GTD

    anyone know of an application for the iPhone that enable you to sync notes? or a stand alone ap to manage lists?


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    OmniFocus for iPhone

    I suggest you give OmniFocus for the iPhone. With location based features this app will stand apart. The great news is that you won't need any desktop client this 'mobile' version should be useable on your own. Which is good because their desktop client is Mac only.

    Check it out by googling iPhone OmniFocus. (I can't put the link in ><)

    Note Syncing...sigh I haven't seen any word from the Mac/iPhone development community that talks about this specifically. Just 2 More days and we will soon find out. Boy I hope so!

    Due to the fact that the bandwidth at apple has been quite small for the number of developers interested in participating with app store it may be a couple of week/months before we see any other stand alone productivity/list apps.

    I know ListPro (Palm Software Dev) is going to make an iPhone version of their list making program.


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      Ominfocus iphone link

      Anyone out there like to post their experiences with the iPhone 3G over the next week ?

      If you have iTunes you can go to the iTunes store and look at the applications store. OmniFocus is there and some other list and todo type applications.

      Thanks - Michael
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        iPhone 3G GTD apps

        I, too, am quite eager to hear how people are evaluating different GTD tools for the 3G iPhone.

        (At the moment, I am using RTM because of the free trial for the iPhone app, which is quite good!). RTM also allows one to use Jott to create tasks.

        I have been using Thinking Rock at work. It is a solid GTD tool, but it does not have the most user-friendly interface (yet--it's getting better in later versions).

        So what are the alternatives?

        Here's what I've seen that looks interesting. I am going to start testing some of these and I will post my follow-up thoughts here. Hopefully some other iPhone 3g users will contribute as well:

        * Omnifocus: : This looks nicer than Thinking Rock, but I think for the most part they have the same functionality, except for the iPhone app. It looks great. But this is a pricey option $19.99 for the iPhone app plus $79.95 for the Leopard app.

        * Nozbe: There is a nice review of Nozbe here. It appears to have similar functionality as RTM and since RTM is my trusted system, right now, Nozbe does not look like it offers enough more to prompt me to switch (I would love to hear from Nozbe users on that topic).

        There are some interesting GTDish apps in the iTunes store (and some are free):

        * EasyTask Manager (free): This app has a GTD interface with a dashboard (of actions), projects and contexts. At first glance, it does not appear to offer any system for dealing with multi-step projects, though. It looks too simplistic to satisfy a dedicated GTDer.

        * My Lists ($1.99): This also seems too limited to handle projects well.

        What other app features are GTDers looking for from the new iPhone?

        (I would love to find one that uses the geo-location feature, so that if I was near the store, it would show me which tasks I could accomplish there.)



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          Originally posted by nooozeguy View Post
          (I would love to find one that uses the geo-location feature, so that if I was near the store, it would show me which tasks I could accomplish there.)

          OmniFocus claims it does this

          "Using your location, OmniFocus can create a custom list of actions to complete nearby. Buying groceries? OmniFocus can show you the closest grocery store and create an instant shopping list."



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            OF for iPhone - it works

            Just bought a shiny new iPhone and purchased Omni Focus from the Apps store. Buying, downloading, installing programs from the Apps store is almost idiot-proof

            OF has a "nearby" screen that uses iPhone's location data (gleaned from GPS, cell towers, and WiFi hot spots) to match your location with @Context locations. It is somewhat eery. Just press the compass/crosshairs button, and it determines that I'm in my house and lists @Home and @Home Office NAs.

            @Context location can be assigned by tapping "current location" (if you are at that location, just tap the button ... done). Or you can enter an address, search on a business name, or select a contact's address.

            If you already have OF for your deskstop/laptop, you must download the "sneakypeak 1.1" (beta) since the full stable release does not offer iPhone sync.

            I sync with my .mac account (now renamed Mobile Me). This provides "WebDav" service from Mobile Me to each device. Changes are sent in ~ 1-2 minutes, and a manual sync can be triggered from either app.

            OF iPhone has crashed several times while I was changing a date field. It can be restarted without affecting iPhone function.



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              For notes, try Evernote. ( There are Mac, Windows, Web and now iPhone versions. I used the old version for a long time and have played around with the new version. Having all my notes synced seamlessly to any computer I happen to be using is pretty cool.


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                I'm completely new to GTD and haven't even begun implementing it yet (just a few hours ago I finished listening to the audiobook :P).

                But I did find this really great list application thats completely free on AppStore. Its called Zenbe and its quick, simple, and easy to use. It also provides two extra features - sharing and syncing. You can choose to share your list via email and you can also sync your list with a central server so you can retrieve them at locations other than your iPhone.

                I found it to be useful and I haven't even started with GTD yet.


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                  Give Appigo's Todo (simple task management) a shot

                  Just in case you weren't aware of Appigo's Todo, a simple task management tool for the iPhone, we wanted to make you aware of it. We're currently in the process of adding many more GTD-like features, but so far, we've been getting some great reviews in the App Store.

                  You can watch a full overview video of how it works here:


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                    Originally posted by tfadams View Post
                    For notes, try Evernote. ( There are Mac, Windows, Web and now iPhone versions. I used the old version for a long time and have played around with the new version. Having all my notes synced seamlessly to any computer I happen to be using is pretty cool.
                    Could you share with me how you have set up Evernote for your GTD process? I am looking into doing all of my tasks, lists and projects in Evernote.


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                      anyone used ToDo?

                      Appigo's ToDo does seem perfect - just a very basic list functionality.

                      anyone used it? i'm assuming the lists are always avail on iPhone, even if you don't have signal (ex. subway)?

                      also, how does the syncing work with the 'cloud'? and Toodledo?



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                        I've been using ToDo and syncing with Toodledo. Syncing is very accurate and very quick even using edge. However, ToDo does not yet support some features of Toodledo such as contexts, subtasks, and priority levels (even though you can set a priority level in todo). I can make a task in todo with a priority level 1,2, or 3 but the level will not sync with Toodledo's priority feature.

                        It does sync all of your tasks, folders (which are shown as lists in ToDo) and due dates. it also has a nifty feature which allows you to set a task as a phone call, email, or website visit and then integrates the task with contacts, mail, and safari allowing you to make the phone call within todo. This is a promising, uncluttered, and stable app that simply needs some more GTD features incorporated to make it a true mobile GTD companion.


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                          Todo is also coming along with RTM

                          I have been using ToDo with Remember the Milk. I am new to the RTM system and am working out my lists. Todo synching is very stable - but it does not yet support smart lists. It will require a pro RTM account to sync ($25) - so far it is functional enough to get the job done - I expect that the updating will be pretty quick for all the app store products. It has great energy with the developers paying attention to feedback.


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                            Check out


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                              OmniFocus works fairly well

                              I use Jott to send notes to myself. Have the Jott for iPhone app, but prefer to email a note to myself by phoning a note to Jott.

                              Re: GTD apps ... I prefer OmniFocus. Briefly tried Remember the Milk. It's okay if you follow the GTD set-up tutorial. However, with RTM you have to manually designate NA's whereas OmniFocus automates the process.

                              Experimented with Toodledo (web) and ToDo (iPhone) also. But to me, the combo seems inefficient as compared to OmniFocus. I'm no shill for Omni Group, just a devotee.

                              OmniFocus for Mac desktop + iPhone is an expensive pair of apps, but it has streamlined my workflow appreciably.
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