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Verizon BB Curve or Treo 755p to sync w Entourage

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  • Verizon BB Curve or Treo 755p to sync w Entourage

    Looking for some input on the following:

    I'm currently using a Blackberry 7130e as my primary GTD device. I sync it to a Macbook using Microsoft Entourage 2004. I'm looking to upgrade the 7130e since its showing some wear after nearly 3 years of use. I prefer to stay with verizon and I'm debating between the Blackberry Curve 8830 or the Palm Treo 755p. Any thoughts on which works better as a GTD device? Any thoughts on which integrates better with Entourage? Thanks in advance

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    I am using a BlackBerry 8320 Curve, NextAction!, Mac OS X Leopard and iCal. It works pretty well. I am sync'ing using the PocketMac app which is actually not that good but it works for simple (non-recurring) tasks.