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Appigo's Todo for iPhone, simple task management

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  • Appigo's Todo for iPhone, simple task management

    Just in case you weren't aware of Appigo's Todo, a simple task management tool for the iPhone, we wanted to make you aware of it. We're currently in the process of adding many more GTD-like features, but so far, we've been getting some great reviews on the App Store.

    Rather than blasting users with every possible option available in normal task management software, we're taking a phased approach to make sure that the user interface remains simple and pleasant to use.

    One of the key advantages of Appigo's Todo is that it can synchronize directly with and Remember The Milk.

    You can watch a full overview video of how it works here:

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    What a nice, low-key message! At this point, I have both Appigo's Todo app and Omnifocus on my iPhone. They both work, but Appigo's Todo has been very solid, with no problems. The syncs to both Toodledo and Remember the Milk are quick, even using the slower Edge connection. There are a few more features I would like to have, and I think the developers will deliver on these. Omnifocus is more ambitious in functionality, but occasionally reboots my iPhone, is slow to load, and I haven't yet dealt with the issue of multiple desktops.


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      I am a new user of To Do by Appigo and love it.

      I was trying to make Things work, but without contexts and over-the-air synchronization - it just wasn't a good working solution for me (although it is a very elegant app as well).

      I currently have To Do sync'ing with Remember the Milk and it's working very well. The only "nitpick" right now is that I can't create contexts on the To Do iPhone app once I have RTM sync enabled, because they don't have contexts. BUT - a work around is to set up RTM locations on the website - THEN those locations sync as Contexts on To Do. So that's working okay. (The main downside is that RTM locations require a physical location on a google map - so it makes it difficult to have a context for things like Errands or Car.