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    Hey guys,

    As a lefty, trying to use a Gel pen results in something fit for a rorschach test. I'm currently using Bic Ultra pens but am looking for something that writes better and smoother.

    Anyone here have suggestions for a good non-smearing pen?


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    Hi, Adam- As a lefty I know where you're coming from. I'm a fan of bold lines so I like a 1.0. The best I have seen is the Uniball Impact RT. We all have our quirks, and I'm a black ink guy. Additionally, the Uniball Jetstream is a good choice, in fact, it may be a better choice as the ink is quick drying.

    Additionally, I'm also curious as to what others may have to say. Good luck... Bart


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      Bart -- I alternate my colors. I'll go for months with black and then move to blue (and occasionally red). Never tried the Impact or Jetstream. I'll have to give them a shot.

      Of course, my handwriting is almost illegible, so the pen I use may not make much difference . Possible side-effect of not finding out about top-bound spiral notebooks will I was in 6th grade. --a


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        Go lefties!

        I don't know if it's specifically non-smearing, but I really like my Fisher space pen. I buy mine at Staples.

        - Don