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Any GTDers using OneNote?

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  • Any GTDers using OneNote?

    I'm a paper-based guy when it comes to my daily planner and things like that, but when it comes to projects I've realized that a hybrid solution works best for me for managing and tracking all the moving parts of a project. A digital solution works well for me too when I need to capture project notes and maintain other support material, and being able to update these on the fly. The rest of my paper-based project stuff I keep in folders in my filing cabinet.

    I've played around with Evernote but I'm not crazy about its interface and flexibility in being able to easily and quickly create new project notes, etc. I dunno, I just don't find EN to be all that intuitive to me. Cool program, but just not cool enough for me. Same thing with Google Notebook -- just not crazy about it.

    Then I stumbled on Microsoft OneNote. I see a lot of potential here, and this app seems to be able to handle my needs well. It's clicking for me.

    I'm curious to hear from any GTDers who are using OneNote. Would you be willing to share your experience? How are you using OneNote as part of your GTD system? Any tips or pointers?

    I just started using OneNote, still getting a feel for it, but so far it's looking good. Now it's time to inspire me a little!


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    I've been using a OneNote trial version for the past two months. I'm hoping it will be a nice digital reference system for me. I think it would be really nice personal knowledgebase tool for all the trivial information I need to remember in my work. I'm envisioning typing in meeting notes from training meetings, printing out web pages into a OneNote format, creating links to company web info, and frequently used documents/forms, etc.

    I've previously used a bunch of folders in my hard drive as well as email folders right now and print files to Adobe Acrobat format, but it's cumbersome to repeatedly open them and search through them and remember where it all is. I also toyed with making my own "wiki" database, but wasn't real happy with the way it was working or the limits in its functionality.

    I could see One Note being a good project and "someday/maybe" repository as well. It's real easy to get various info into one note from all the major programs. The tie-ins to Outlook for task lists would also seem to be a very nice feature.

    Good luck!


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      I have a Tablet PC and have been using OneNote for some time. In my opinion it has a much nicer UI than Evernote, although I like the "cloud" aspect of Evernote in that it is sync'd across machines. I use One Note for taking notes of meeting, keeping track of what I need to put on Agendas and I use the "Personal" notebook to keep track of projects at home and to jot down reminders. With the Tablet it is very much just like writing a note and is very easily retrieved. I am a fan and I use it all the time.


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        I've been a user of OneNote for a couple years now, and I really like it. I haven't been using it to its full potential, but it still works for me. One of the reasons I love the GTD system so much is that I am a list person, I make lists of lists I need to make. I will write a completed task that I neglected to write down on a list, just so I can cross it off. OneNote really satisfies the list urge in me. I also have several paper-based notebooks that look a lot like my digital notebooks. I call them my C2NBs (Command and Control NoteBooks), some people call them Household Notebooks...or other things.

        I would love to see some examples of how everyone else is using it.


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          GTD & OneNote

          There are some web resources on this. For instance

          OneNote is probably the best MS app for many years, but is still relatively unknown or is tagged as a specialist tablet app. In fact it works very well as both a writing and storage environment.

          Setting up ON to work for GTD is a very personal thing. I've been fiddling about for some months. The key to making it work IMHO is to recognise in which environment you spend the most time - writing, email, project mgt etc. If you find you are shuffling a lot of data around to get it into ON then you probably won't stick with the system long-term.



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            RE: Any GTDers using OneNote?

            There is also a pretty long discussion thread in this forum with some of the links that Jack mentioned: