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Day Notez -- Has anyone tried this with GTD????

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  • Day Notez -- Has anyone tried this with GTD????


    I was browsing Handango and came across a journaling program that purports to "replace the right-hand page in your old paper planner." That sounded niffty because I was trained in the Day Timer system, and am now trying to learn GTD.

    Has anyone out there used Day Notez?? If so, how do you use it??

    What is the general concensus on what is the best way to store your misc. notes and journal entries on a Palm Tungsten using the GTD philosophy??

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. If you'd like to contact me off-line my email is:



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    Daynotez is well-known, well-regarded software. If you really used the right-hand page of your planner, you probably will like it. It has a lot of nice little features, including

    * import todo's and appointments
    * export to todo and doc
    * flag, keyword and contact associated with entries

    I like it, but don't use it much. I pretty much do what DA recommends: use paper, take lots of notes, process the notes promptly, file notes as needed. I do use Bonsai, an outliner from the same company, quite a bit.



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      IF you find journaling to be beneficial, then this is the best program to that end.


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        Conversion from Paper to PDA


        Wow, there's a certain irony here, in that I just detailed how I solved this hurdle a couple of days ago.

        In the general forum - check out: "Collect To Do, Pg 2"

        This is a solution/shift in perspective that has worked for me personally, and (with the aid of a Palm Portable Keyboard) I now take notes faster than I could handwrite them. I just brainstormed a Journal entry last night, as a matter of fact.

        That would be my one recommendation. Before you buy any additional software - "getteth thee a Palm Portable Keyboard." Even though it seems like "one more piece of hardware" it is as compact as your Palm; and even the two added together are smaller than the smallest traditional paper planners.

        It will do wonders for helping minimize the "transition curve" from Paper to PDA.


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          Thanks to all for the quick replies.


          Am I understanding you correctly -- you now use a palm keyboard with your palm and do not use any paper supplements?

          The reason I ask this is because after browsing the forums for a day or so, I have noticed that many people use many notebooks, papers etc. to write upon and then move info to their palms.

          This for me would be difficult. I was trained 20 years ago in a Charles Hobbs seminar "the Time Power System" (later Day Timers bought Hobbs entire system of how to use the two page per day formatted planners -- it's also essentially the same as the early Franklin Quest system). One thing that Hobbs stressed again and again is that you should only carry one planner. You don't write anything down anywhere but on the right hand page in your planner. Then you use the system to index your entries etc.

          Carrying your Day Timer with you absolutely everywhere at all times was the mantra I followed. When I bought my first Newton, I began the struggle to leave paper behind and go completely digital. However, between my original Newton (circa 1996) and my Palm Vx, the software just didn't exist that could make me feel comfortable going exclusively digital. So I used a paper and electronic system of my own devising that at times was bunglesome. I have always kept an eye out for new software and paper planners that might finally be the "silver bullet" I've been looking for these many years.

          Recently, I picked up David Allen's book GTD and have begun examining my history of time management. I find the ideas of GTD very appealing and want to give them a good try, however, I want to do this using the Palm. I want to essentially abandon paper if it all possible and still GTD.

          I probably should have made this clear in my original question, but I still don't know exactly what I want from a Palm device and whether or not to abandon paper in doing the GTD method.

          Well, any advice you all could give would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post.




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            Good Morning Mike

            I would be lying if I said I totally abandoned paper for the Palm. Like yourself - I was trained in the Hobbs/Hyrum Smith groove of "carrying only one planner/calendar;" and the "Left Side = Plan, Right Side = Record of Actual Events"

            It's a STRONG groove to break!

            And - let's be honest - it does have some GREAT strengths!

            "Pre-Palm" - life was easy. Classic Size Franklin, Annual Refill every 365 days.
            "Post-Palm" I have tried both the Monarch & Pocket sizes, as well as going back to my old "Classic." What I am now using is a Pocket Size Franklin Planner, with their "Technotes" refill; which is essentially only the right hand page of the planner, dated on both sides. Just lines & date - period.

            Why ? Because of something D.A. said, which resonates with Hobbs/Smith: "Always date & time stamp your incoming information." The pre-dated pages are a very lazy way of doing that....

            Here's the difference - if at all possible, I enter the info directly INTO my Palm. If it is a LONG entry, I will do whatever it takes to whip out that keyboard - so I only enter the info into my system ONCE. When that is NOT possible, I jot it on the "Technotes" page for the day and that's it. At the end of the day (or week, at the latest) I tear that page out, process it as "IN" and get rid of the paper page. This also resonates with David's "How to Set Up a Paper Planner" Tip. DROE = In. The Palm becomes the "one planner."

            My Pocket Planner is basically a FAT wallet, with the note paper in it. Cards, checkbook, Quad-Point Pen, plus stamps, letter opener, are all in there. It also protects my Palm (see my other posts on THAT!) I "downsized" to the Pocket, because by setting up my Palm in a familiar way, I "digitized" the paper "tabs" or planner pages. In this way, and by using the same writing implement for Palm & Paper - I still have "one home" for all this vital info.

            The bottom line of what I am trying to communicate on this subject is that the Palm Medium is such a blank tablet "out of the box" that you can easily make it a digital version of your beloved Paper Planner. I have quite a few Memo Categories that reflect the Paper Planner that I started with. "DROE = IN;" "Monthly Goals/Projects;" "Values;" "Activity Logs;" "Key Info."

            (If you'd like the complete list - just e-mail me.)

            It is not so much the TOOL that you are using; but how your MIND embraces (processes) the information.


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              Thanks again for the explanation of your system. I would like you to email me that info, I always like to see what other people are doing -- no sense reinventing the wheel as it were.

              Thanks again.