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Problem syncing palm to Mac

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  • Problem syncing palm to Mac

    Any suggestions for troubleshooting my hot sync problem:

    1. Owned TX for two years and syncing works 80% of the time. I have some third party software (memo leaf and life balance) but it's not been a problem

    2. Old problem: Occasionally, it appears the computer does not detect the presence of the palm and I get a message:
    "connection b/t your device and desktop could not be established."
    This problem seems random because at times the sync works fine.

    3. Newer problem: I pull out my palm to find it has reset and has lost all the third party software as well as all information (I guess it hard reset itself?).

    4. Now I'm trying to resync and the computer is consistently not detecting the Palm.

    Any ideas?
    Here's my equipment info

    Palm Software 4.2.2
    Hot Sync Manager enabled and connection settings: usb and palm connect
    USB connections - I have two and they work with other devices.
    Mac OS X v. 10.4.11

    thanks for any help,

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    Have you tried support on the palm website?

    You might find a greater depth of support there vs. here.

    - Don


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      Well, this is not a palm troubleshooting forum, but I suggest you try the Missing Sync if you are not already using it. However, I had a TX for about the same length of time, and had the same problem you describe in point 3). I had owned palms for many years, and tried various things. I eventually decided there was a possibility that the ram was bad, but in any case there was no way for me to fix it w/o sending it back to Palm, and basically paying for them to send me a refurb unit. I solved the problem by buying an iPhone.


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        Originally posted by tiomikel View Post
        Any suggestions for troubleshooting my hot sync problem:
        I have a Treo and experience irregular synching problems. Missing synch does not work for me as I've never managed to get it installed and operating properly at all and have tried several times. I have some other SW that it conflicts with and it also screws up my regular stuff. It's on my list to try again and see if I can debug it but I have to have several days to work on it and I just don't have that kind of time right now to fix what isn't totally broken.

        I've managed to debug my synch problem by noting that if I have 2 windows open on Palm desktop when it starts the synch it won't work. So now I try to exit palm desktop or at least get it down to only the calendar window before trying.

        Hope that helps.