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  • more file folder talk

    So i just bought a brand new leather briefcase from Ellington leather that has a great feel and lots of room in one main pocket, which is what i was looking for. One thing it does not have is a file separator inside the main pocket so that when i put my folders in they kind of "flop" over if the bag is not completely full. I would like to get some sort of organizer to put inside the briefcase to keep every thing neat and prevent the flopping effect. Anyone seen such a "toy" that i might look for. I spent such a long time (and money) finding the "perfect bag" that i would hate for this to be a deal breaker.



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    I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for, but I use a plastic "accordion style" file holder to organize and protect my manila folders that I keep in my "briefcase" which is actually a backpack.

    I purchased mine at Staples, but I couldn't find the exact model I bought online. Here is one that is close:

    - Don
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