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Palm Treo 700wx, put lists on notes or in Microsoft Word?

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  • Palm Treo 700wx, put lists on notes or in Microsoft Word?

    Hey all!

    5 questions for you!

    I have been real excited about GTD lately. My girlfriend got me a Palm Treo 700wx (Windows Mobile). While trying to learn this phone, I have been paper based. The Palm Treo 700wx does not have a "tasks" or "to do" icons like the Palm OS Treos do. So, I guess all I have to choose from is to put my lists in "notes" or "Microsoft Word".

    1-Can the Word documents be worked on with the home computer?
    2-Can the material in "notes" be synced down to the computer and worked on?
    3-Should I put my lists in notes or Word? I guessing Word because you can sync it and work on it on the home computer (I think).
    4-Or should I just get a Palm Treo 755p (Palm OS) with their "to do" or "tasks" lists?

    5-I'm with Verizon before phone internet my bill was $60-65 a month. My first bill with the internet phone is $144!!!! They are charging me $45 a month for data!!!!!! I can qualify for the Palm Centro which is $30 a month, so that is a little cheaper. Any information on lower priced internet/phone plans? I'm thinking Sprint or TMobile or Metro PCS. I'm in the Los Angeles area.


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    The 700 wx does have a Tasks program. Look for it for it's there!


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      Go pen + paper. I'd recommend a small rollabind notebook + pen. Or buy just the punch and make your own it's easy and cheap.


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        I looked, no "tasks" are there. My Palm 700wx is a Verizon phone. I don't know if that makes any difference. I'm thinking of getting a Palm 755p on the Verizon network. I can get the 755p on the Sprint network too. My first bill with Verizon is $144 and that is because of the internet access which is costing me $45 a month. I wonder if Sprint is cheaper.



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          Originally posted by BillyIdol View Post
          I looked, no "tasks" are there. My Palm 700wx is a Verizon phone.
          I have the Verizon 700wx. The 700wx is a Windows Mobile PDA/Phone and you DO have tasks. Select Start/Programs/Tasks should get you there.

          Assuming you are using Outlook on the PC, you'll want to set ActiveSync to synchronize the tasks.


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            I have a Palm Treo 755p on Verizon Wireless. I know it is fashionable and hip to bash Palm these days, but mine works fine. I bought it through Verizon, but unfortunately, I think you now have to buy a Treo 755p for Verizon from the Palm website, for a big price ($570, or so), rather than for a lower price from Verizon.



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              As others have confirmed, the Treo 700wx does indeed have the tasks function. In fact, it has all of the same components that Outlook has on your desktop, along with the rest of MS Office. But, as someone else also said, you do have to go through ActiveSync to select to sync the individual components.

              Be aware, to those that may look at other devices, even at Verizon, they do not all come with the full version of MS Office and Outlook. If you talk to the sales people and read the marketing info, unless you read VERY carefully it does appear that that others come with MS Office but many come with a third party conversion utility called Documents to Go. This has strict limitations that the full MS Office doesn't have.

              I've been using PDAs for 7 years now and I would highly recommend taking a look at a program called Pocket Informant, which is a wrap-around add-on info manager and is like putting Mobile Office on steroids! The programming in this software is so thorough, so well done, and so well thought out, that I far prefer using my PDA over my desktop Outlook for info/GTD management. It is HIGHLY customizable with all sorts of groupings, taggings, and so on, that the possibilities are endless. Another set of programs that jack up your PDA are the ones made by SPB Software House. They have the SPB Pocket Plus and SPB Diary programs that enable you to display your info the way you want to on your Today screen, as well as other powerful features. So, the Treo and other PDAs are "good" out of the box, but become "great" when souped up with these programs. This is especially true for us GTD types who tend to want to customize things beyond what most programs allow. The programs above, especially Pocket Informant, are virtually without limits. Microsoft should hire those guys as programmers!

              Hope some of this helps. Best, Jay...

              PS- I have no interest in either of the companies above but am just a very enthusiastic, long term user. I'm also a computer consultant and have tried MANY programs to make PDAs more efficient.