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? for those using .txt files for GTD

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  • ? for those using .txt files for GTD

    Do you use a separate text file for each project or just one file for listing all projects ? I'm considering separating personal and work projects into two separate text files but that's about it .

    Just curious , thanks !


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    GTD is focused heavily on Contexts, besides Projects.
    I'm not sure how you can associate tasks both to a context and a project using .txt files.

    Anyway, if projects are part of a bigger project I would add these to a single file, or if in separate files I would name them so they stick together in the file explorer.


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      My latest incarnation of my system...

      I keep a file for the list of projects -- one file for business projects and one for personal projects.

      I also keep a file for each context which contains my next actions for that contexts.


      I've also been toying with the idea of creating a single file for each project that holds the project name, description, notes, waiting fors, agendas, and next actions. If I format the file correctly, then it should be simple to write a program that can extract all the next actions into context lists. But too much going on right now to mess with it.

      For now, the list-based approach is simple, and it mostly works.


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        PigPog Method

        A similar approach has been discussed here:

        and on the 43folders site:


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          Do you use a separate text file for each project or just one file for listing all projects
          Each project have to be separated. That is always easy to proceed.


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            thanks for all the responses ! I have found it helpful just to keep a txt file of current projects , one list for business, one for personal . Just glancing at everything at once will often lead me to add another task to my system .

            it's nothing like my weekly review but just a quick " horizon scan " every day really makes my brain settle down : )