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Durability of ballistic cloth vs. leather wallets

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  • Durability of ballistic cloth vs. leather wallets

    I own the original notetaker wallet, and it is perfect for me, except that having to fold and unfold cash is a hassle, has caused the stitching to rip out, and the in-use thickness is also greater with cash folded over.

    I'm considering buying the trifold notetaker wallet, and wondered how the ballistic cloth version is holding up over time, and if stretching of credit card pockets, etc., is a problem. The only apparent downside to the design of the trifold for me, is the added thickness of the front credit card flap. I.e., I get along fine with the two credit card slots in my original wallet, however I do have four cards in one of them, so the extra thickness of the flap on the trifold would be partially offset by this fact. (Note that I have no problem pulling out any of the four cards; I'm more about compactness.) Thanks.


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    This isn't a direct answer to your question, but I can't resist giving a little plug for the all-ett wallet which is really slim and made from sailcloth.

    It's a great wallet, and I've been enjoying mine for more than a year now.

    - Don


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      Originally posted by agavebob View Post
      I'm considering buying the trifold notetaker wallet, and wondered how the ballistic cloth version is holding up over time, and if stretching of credit card pockets, etc., is a problem.
      I can't speak to the trifold wallet in particular, but I have used 2 wallets from Eagle Creek made from synthetic material for more than a decade. I use one for foreign travel, and one for day-to-day use. They are beginning to show serious wear: not the material per se, but the seams and so on. I would say that the durability and longevity are better than leather wallets.


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        Wallet Comparison

        Hi Bob,

        My name is Darianne from the David Allen Company Products Dept.

        I know it's always tough trying to find a replacement for something that already suits your needs perfectly-- especially without being able to get your hands on it.

        So I hope this is the next best thing- I have gotten both wallets, the Trifold and the Notetaker in the Ballistic fabric and the Leather - to give you a comparison.

        The most noticeable difference between the two styles is the fact that the Trifold is a little longer - if you'll open your current Notetaker and hold some cash in front of it, I think you'll see what I mean, the wallet is just barely big enough compared to the length of the dollar.

        Upon comparing the Leather and Ballistic Trifold, the Leather one is indeed thicker even though both wallets are empty.

        Interestingly enough, both versions of the Trifold and the Ballistic Notetaker seem to have a little bigger credit card slots that really would allow you to store a minimum of three cards per slot should the need arise - although this would of course not help the sleek design. However, because of this ever so slight extra room in each pocket of the Ballistics wallet it dose not appear to show any signs of stretching. If I may add, something that I have done with my own wallet - I know this will not eliminate the folding and unfolding of the cash, however, I like to stuff a little cash into a pocket with my credit cards, I have found this really works for me as I think we are all carrying less paper these days.

        As for the cash pocket one thing that I have heard from another customer is that the cash pocket is a little deep- while I noticed this too, I can tell you that when there are credit cards in the wallet the weight from them do cause the wallet to open more effortlessly and allow for easier access to the cash pocket. Although as you have mentioned, the Trifold will still be a little bulkier even if you disperse the cards into more of the pockets for you will still have the thickness of the additional flap and the cash in the back.

        While we have not had our Ballistic wallets available for very long, therefore I cannot attest to the durability, I can tell you that the fabric is tightly woven resembling a canvas backpack - which are very durable. Hopefully soon we will have feedback to share.

        Over all if you are looking for the thinnest wallet then it is definitely the Notetaker. Yet, if you have feel having access to cash is a valuable part of the over all functionality, then by all means the Trifold! However, as the fabric is a little thinner than the Leather, the Ballistics Trifold might be a good middle ground to allow you to find that happy medium.

        I hope this helps!


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          Thanks. You've answered all my questions, and more, wonderfully!