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Franklin Covey Planner 8.1

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  • Franklin Covey Planner 8.1

    Does anyoun out there know where you can buy this software. I understand the new upgrade from 8.1 was horrible (my experience also) for long time Franklin Planner users. Now all the versions of 8.1 have been scarfed up from Amazon and Ebay by people despirate for the good ole days of the Franklin Planner. I am now despirate also since I have lost my original disk and are having to upgrade my computer at work and home because they are old. I need a site for discontinued software so I can buy the new package. Can anyone please help me! I would be enternally greatful.

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    no idea who would carry that , did you try googling what you're looking for ?
    Are you certain that FC doesn't still have the previous version download on their site ? I'd email them and see if they can help you .


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      I have googled and looked on EBay and Amazon with no luck. But you idea about a downloadable version from Franklin is a good one I had not thought about. Thanks for the idea.


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        This might also be a good time to contemplate switching software systems, or going to paper

        - Don


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          Success on Finding Franklin Planner S/W

          Thanks to the suggestion of going to Franklin Covey they were able to sell me a replacement disk for only $10 since I had lost my original. They do this for former customers of which I am a 15 year user of the Franklin S/W. I wouldn't dream of going back to paper because of the tremendous efficiency boost I have gotten over the years for this product. I would high ly recommend it to anyone who is having problems with getting their life life organized. Checkout their new Plan Plus. You may like it (though I didn't) since you have no experience with the original S/W. It beats Outlook hands down as an organizer. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE SUGGESTION! GTD has done it again. Great Web Site.


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            Run, do not walk, away from the current Plan Plus software. You are exactly right that the old planner software was far superior to the new "updated" version.


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              I had major problems, too, and never did get it to work. I finally deleted it and moved on.