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Best voice recorder: in cell phone, and freestanding

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  • Best voice recorder: in cell phone, and freestanding

    I prefer voice recorders that can be activated by touch and without looking at them. Probably a one touch record button-start record/stop record with the same button would be good. Which of the Palm Treos has a good voice recorder. The voice recorder is very important to me since I get a lot of ideas while driving.


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    I use a Treo 650. It has a decent voice recorder. My use of it for voice recording has dropped to zero since I started using Now when I'm driving and I have an idea, I just hit the phone key, plus J, and I'm dialing Jott!

    - Don


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      I've got a Centro. I'm very happy with the Voice Memo feature. From any application, you press & hold the side button, wait momentarily for the beep, speak, and then release the button to stop recording. If you are already in the Voice Memo app, you press & release the side button to record and then a second press to stop. Simple.

      I think the Treo 7xxP's work the same way. Don't know about the Windows Mobile version, however.