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Jott: How are you using it? Reviews? Iphone?

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  • Jott: How are you using it? Reviews? Iphone?

    I'm just signed up for the free version of Jott. Seems interesting.

    1-How are you using it?
    2-What are your reviews of it?
    3-Are the $3.95 and $13.95 versions of it worth it?
    4-Has Jott made you more efficient?

    Anything else that you might comment on about Jott would be great!



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    I was a beta user of Jott. I now use the "pay as you go" version of Jott. I think its worth it.

    I use it when I'm driving, and need to capture an idea. If you consider not crashing a car "efficient", then yes, Jott makes me more efficient .

    When I'm not driving, I either use paper (pockememo pad) or I send my email account a text message using my phone, or I add the item to my system directly.

    - Don


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      Been worth the $14/mo for me

      Like the previous responded, I was a long time beta customer of Jotts, but bit the bullet when they released the $14/mo service. It was a soft bullet for these reasons:

      - Needed a trusted capture tool when I couldn't write or type (e.g., while driving primarily)
      - Use Outlook, so I have heavily used the Outlook task, calendar and email draft functionality. This saves me duplicate data entry

      I am in software sales, starting my own business, a devoted husband and father. Anything that helps me capture next actions and calendar events that also integrates seemlessly with the other tools I use is worth paying some price for. It turns at $14/mo for the Jott Pro service is that price.

      p.s.> make sure you have other appropriate capture tools. I also use the note taker wallet and my Treo 650 with data viz.


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        Call me cheap or call me someone who is just used to getting something for free. I still use the free Jott. I never did use any of their advanced features, although I'm certain they are invaluable once you start.

        It is a great tool in the car or when I have my hands full (I can always talk on the phone with 5 bags in my arms, but I cannot write something down.)