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NextAction! 3.0 Beta 1 available now!

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  • NextAction! 3.0 Beta 1 available now!

    Thanks a lot for the great feedback in the past and thanks for feedback you gonna soon

    We have improved NextAction! for version 3.0 over the past months but we are still working on it. However, we have a stable version online for free and open beta testing and we would like everyone who is interested to try this out and send us as much feedback as possible!

    Key Features
    • GTD® - stream lined implementation of David Allen’s Getting Things Done.
    • Speed - one-click context (category) change.
    • Compatible - with desktop task applications including but not limited to Apple iCal®, Entourage®, Outlook®, Exchange®, Novell Grouwise®, Lotus Notes® and more.
    • Integration - 100% compatible with internal Blackberry Tasks application.
    • Visibility - hide completed next actions.
    • Sort - contexts beginning with “@” appear on top of the list.
    • Categorize - your next actions by contexts and projects.
    • Languages - English, German and Chinese available.

    New in 3.0 Beta 1
    • List indicator - project / context is shown in task list.
    • Integration - task can be opened in original BlackBerry Tasks if needed.
    • Cleaning - completed tasks can be deleted.
    • Someday / Maybe - support for someday / maybe lists.

    NextAction! runs on all current BlackBerry models. Even the new BlackBerry Bold, Pearl Flip, and BlackBerry Storm!

    More information at the official press release: All new NextAction! 3.0 Beta 1 in Open Beta Test.
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    NextAction! 3.0 Beta 2 has been released

    We already released a new beta version of NextAction!. Anyone who is interested may join the beta tester folks. We would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to the massive we received from you guys already. This really helps a lot!

    New Features since version 3.0 Beta 2 (2.9.35):
    • Context Management: add/edit/delete working
    • minor bugs fixed
    • user interface improvements

    Open NextAction! Beta Test: