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MSI Wind minilaptop is awesome

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  • MSI Wind minilaptop is awesome

    I have replaced my mid-tech 8.5" by 5.5" personal organizer (tabbed binder) with the MSI Wind. It's a fabulous netbook (minilaptop), and I just have to open it up, type my ideas in my next action buckets in Writer (an open source and free equivalent of MS Word).

    I might use software like Kalendra to keep track of appointments, etc. I could just create a text file in OO.o Writer, but I'd have to type in the days and times myself, so I'm looking for a better offline calendar program or maybe a script that would generate a daily calendar in OO.o Writer.

    I even got MS Streets and Trips 2009 on the MSI Wind, so I just plug in the GPS receiver, and it tells me where I am without needing Internet connection. So useful for getting around the city, getting things done, knowing where I am and not losing any thoughts.

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    I have an Acer Aspire one, it also rocks =)

    I hear they are going to fall to 199 and even $99 next year. At that point, I don't think there's any reason not to get one.


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      Reason to buy things.

      Originally posted by sidsavara View Post
      I hear they are going to fall to 199 and even $99 next year. At that point, I don't think there's any reason not to get one.
      I do not think that the low price is the reason to buy things. What's the point to buy cheap netbook if you have MacBook Air?

      We should limit our spendings and buy things that we really need - not the cheap ones.


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        yeah I've got a msi wind aswell, its brilliant for mobile working.

        However it wouldn't in no way replace my moleskine in my GTD setup


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          Good combination for GTD

          I became very interested after reading your email on using the Wind, so I did some research and ordered an eee PC 1000h and got it yesterday. Price was less than $500 which was what a good PDA cost years ago and is so much more versatile.I also ran across a program called Tudumo that I am trying out for the 60 day trial period. So far I really like it and think the combination of these two will really address the GTD practice. As an additional comment, I purchased a AT&T usb key and got a data plan. I believe this combination is ready going to allow me to take my GTD tools to where I have always wanted to be.