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NextAction! 3.0 for BlackBerry - Contexts, Projects, Someday/Maybe

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  • NextAction! 3.0 for BlackBerry - Contexts, Projects, Someday/Maybe

    Hello GTD folks,

    thanks a lot for everyone who participated in our beta test of NextAction! 3.0. It was very successful and you sent us so much feedback that we have enough to do for the next months to improve NextAction! even more for a stream lined GTD application for BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds.

    Without your support we would have never reached this level. Since the first version NextAction! is the only BlackBerry application which has been for implementing GTD only - and nothing else. Let me thank David Allen and all folks at David Allen & Co. for this great productivity methodology which is famous world-wide and even brought us to a point to get our daily life organized.

    Feedback is our value. You - our users - are our value as you and only you know what is going on, what can be done better, and what is not necessary. At this point we released the final version of NextAction! 3.0 to the public. All beta testers received a 50% discount as a special thanks and all current users get a free update (like we do with all of our apps). We believe in open markets, open minds, and open dialogs. Version 3.0 of NextAction! does not mean we have reached a final stage and that's it. Development on NextAction! goes on - thanks to your feedback. However, the current version is available for everyone now. Here are the details:

    Key Features
    • GTD® - stream lined implementation of David Allen’s Getting Things Done.
    • Speed - one-click context or project switch.
    • Compatible - synchronizes with desktop task applications including but not limited to Apple iCal®, Entourage®, Outlook®, Exchange®, Novell Grouwise®, Lotus Notes® and more.
    • Integration - 100% compatible with internal Blackberry Tasks application.
    • Visibility - hide completed next actions.
    • Sort - contexts beginning with “@” appear on top of the list.
    • Categorize - your next actions by contexts and projects.
    • Languages - English, German and Chinese available.

    New in NextAction! 3.0
    • Someday / Maybe - support for someday/maybe next actions.
    • List indicator - project or context is shown in task list.
    • Integration - with BlackBerry® Tasks™ and TaskReports™.
    • Cleaning - completed tasks can be deleted.
    • Worklow - improved program usability and user interface.
    • Customizable - project and someday/maybe prefix.

    NextAction! supports all current and upcoming BlackBerry® models including the BlackBerry® Storm™, Bold™, and Flip™.

    Synchronization compatibility:

    NextAction! Website: S4BB Limited » NextAction!

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    Nice work guys!

    Thanks, I am glad that I could provide some feedback. And kudos back for the quick answers and clarifications.


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      We are currently working on a version update of NextAction! and would like to know which features you are missing.

      It would be great if you can share your thoughts with us


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        Originally posted by nextaction View Post
        We are currently working on a version update of NextAction! and would like to know which features you are missing.

        It would be great if you can share your thoughts with us
        Automatically delete completed tasks would be a great feature. I get occasional errors creating new tasks, and they resolve once the old tasks are deleted.

        Also, the context list when setting a new task isn't narrowed out to just the contexts selected for Next Action!. Works fine in the main view, but not the new task view.


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          Hi Martin,

          thanks a lot for the great feedback!

          We will remove the mentioned filter issue in a next version. Automatic deletion of completed actions is a good idea. We will look into this and see what is possible here.

          Did you took a look at the free and open beta of NextAction! 3.0 Pro Beta? It comes with VoiceActions which is also made for quick usage - simplicity is paramount!

          There is also a new promotion video for NextAction! - just in case someone is bored right now and want to check it out: NextAction! at a Glance