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PDA vs Pocket PC

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  • PDA vs Pocket PC

    I am using a Dell pocket PC, although it seems most are talking about Palm based systems.

    Are there any pocket PC users out there who have experience implementing this system on there handheld?

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    I`m using a Dell Axim

    If you follow my advice and use categories, you can get by pretty well using the stock apps on a pocket pc.

    That being said, Agenda Fusion or Pocket Informant are decent PIMs. There is nothing GTD-esque about them but they do allow you to view your data in slightly more robust ways than the stock PPC apps.

    Becuase the Notes app on PPCs does not allow you to assign categories, I recommend the program CLC Journal by crownlogic. This syncs with your Journal program in Outlook and it allows categories.


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      If you are using Outlook extensively, then I strongly recommend using a PocketPC rather than a Palm. I found the limitations regarding Task Categories (both number and text length) to be too much of a hindrance. So far the iPAQ has been working out great. This from a Palm owner since the very first model (and the Sharp Zaurus before that).


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        palm vs. ppc

        When asked his opinion of a certain musical work, Mozart is supposed to have said "Too many notes."

        I think people go with palm because the price points are lower, there is lots more 3rd-party software, and most importantly the built-in software is easy to use. Like its big brother, the PPC version of Outlook is way over-engineered, in my opinion.

        I am currently using KeySuite on my Palm to sync to Outlook 2003. While not perfect, it has a pleasing simplicity of use.

        But if you have a PPC, it probably just takes a while for it to train you in its ways...



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          I've been running a pocket pc since March 2001. I love it. I looked at Palm aps at that time, but love the flexibility of the pocket pc.

          I use Pocket Informant as my PIM. I like the color and icons availability for my categories. I use a modified version of Getting Things done. I've got 2 jobs, so I've got a category for each job and personal. I use # Personal as category for one.

          Then, because of my Covey/Franklin basic mental programming, I've got Homemaker, Friends & Relatives, etc., as well as job categories i.e. Accountant,

          After that, I use @ Housework, @ Computer for next actions, and ^Project to highlight my project headings.

          Each task should have one of each kind of categories. That allows me to filter my tasks by whatever I need so that I don't start skipping out on one area of my life.

          I know this sounds complicated, bizzarre even, but with the filtering capabilities in Pocket Informant, this really helps to keep things moving in the right direction.



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            This is possible with Key Suite on the palm also (but not the category colors and icons)


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              Re: palm vs. ppc

              I believe that this was allegedly said by Salieri when commenting on Mozart's work.

              Originally posted by mcogilvie
              When asked his opinion of a certain musical work, Mozart is supposed to have said "Too many notes."


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                Category limitations on POS

                I would love to have the option of using a PALM, but their 15 category limit kills the deal. I`m looking forward to POS 6 which is supposed to remove this silly limitation.


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                  If you're looking at mainly syncing with outlook ? Key suite from chapura allows you to use as many categories as you want on the palm. It has the same limit outlook does (250 I think)


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                    Each PDA operating system has its strengths and weaknesses. Find out what you need and then buy the product that best suits that need.

                    I use a Pocket PC iPAQ 5450 and it works well for me.