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Label Maker Brother P-Touch 1280 prob

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  • Label Maker Brother P-Touch 1280 prob


    I have a Brother P-touch 1280 label maker and I am desperate right now.

    I tried to print out a label. I typed the message and then pressed print. It worked fine. Then I did this again later durinig the day but the tape wasn't coming out. I pulled the tape a little bit and I saw that the message I was trying to write was printed on the wrong side of the tape. In other words, the white side of the tape was blank, while the transparent, plastic film had the message printed on it. What could the problem be? Any help at all would be so so greatly appreciated. Please help.


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    Re-route the label tape

    I recommend that you try a new label cartridge. If that works, look remove the new cartridge and compare the tape pathway of the old and new cartridges. The old tape may not be threaded correctly. It is easy to correct ... if you have a working cartridge to use as a guide.

    Good luck.


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      Thank you for your help Julian, I will try that.